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The breathtaking quality of the images from an XT Camera System are sure to impress and inspire others. Phase One sets the standard for image quality in medium format, so your photography will stand out.

The XT Camera System is designed for convenience and engineered for precision. The exclusive, high-quality finishes of each system are given individual care, resulting in a camera that is desired as much for its beauty as for its image quality.

The XT Camera System emphasizes a modular and travel- friendly design that fits easily into your lifestyle. The form and aesthetic underline the system’s priorities as a new breed of camera, masterfully designed for portability without sacrificing quality.

Turning a new page in the history of the field camera, the XT delivers full digital integration and intuitive, easy-to- master operation. Meticulous attention has been given to fine details and usability features, elevating your shooting experience.

The XT Camera System is designed to expand and evolve. With the brains of the IQ4 Infinity Platform and the heart of the X-Shutter, the integration and features of the XT support limitless potential for even simpler use. The XT is a camera system that is extraordinary now and is poised to get even better with age.

Integrated Movements

The XT Camera System takes full advantage of the Rodenstock optics with 24mm of total shift range on both X and Y axes (12mm up, down, left, or right). These movements allow you to correct for perspective distortion or create panoramic and stitched images quickly and precisely. The shift position of the camera is integrated into the image file providing immediate feedback for later use. Additionally, the design of the XT allows you to quickly rotate the camera between portrait and landscape orientation while remaining securely mounted to a tripod via an integrated Arca Swiss-type mount, further expanding the integrated workflow.

The X-Shutter

At the heart of the XT – Rodenstock HR lenses is the X-Shutter. The X-Shutter is an intelligently integrated and electronically controlled shutter, born out of Phase One’s industrial applications and experience. The X-Shutter is purpose-built for the XT Camera System to allow for finer control in a smaller form factor. Powered by the IQ4, the X-Shutter shares in the ambition of the Infinity Platform for future growth and flexibility.

Effortless Capture

Total Integration Between Back, Body, and Lens

As Easy to Use as an SLR

Automatic Lens Corrections & Metadata

Built-in Bracketing & Time Lapse

Automatic Frame Averaging

Syncs with Flash at 1/1000th

Download our Workflow Comparison PDF to see how the XT simplifies your photography

Streamlined Design

Elegantly Integrated

One Battery, No Cables

Camera, Back, and Lens are all you need to shoot. No other parts.

Rotatable Dovetail Tripod Mount

Weighs Less than a GFX100

Download our Size Comparison PDF to see how the XT stacks up against other popular Tech Cameras

Camera controls & interface

XT functions
Shutter release Dual-action with customizable half press
Horizontal dial 12mm shift to the left
12mm shift to the right
Vertical dial 12mm shift up
12mm shift down
Lens Interface
Electrical 14-pin X-Shutter interface
Physical mount Cambo WDS compatible
Mount lock Two action safety release
Rotatable tripod foot
Quick lock rotation Easily switch from landscape to portrait without detaching from tripod
Detachable foot Easy detach foot for handheld shooting convenience
Tripod shoe Arca Swiss-type rail

Lenses & X-Shutter

XT – Rodenstock lenses    
  XT HR 70mm XT HR 32mm XT HR 23mm XT HR 50mm XT HR 90mm 
Aperture range 5.6 – 22 4 – 22 5.6 – 32  4-22  5.6-22
Filter diameter 58mm 86mm 72mm  67mm  72mm
Image circle 100mm 90mm 70mm  90mm  120mm
Weight 1.5 lbs 2.5 lbs 1.9 lbs  1.3 lbs  2.7 lbs
X – Shutter
Shutter type Electromagnetic
Shutter speed 1/1000 – 60min
Durability Tested to 500,000+ captures
Shutter blades Carbon fiber
Focus Type Ultra fine manual focus
Focusing tabs Optional reposition or detach with 2 screws
Aperture module 5 blades (curved blades)
Max Flash Sync Speed 1/1000


Imaging Software

RAW converter Capture One Pro 12.1.1 or newer
XT metadata Recognizes lens name, time, aperture and shift
XT Camera control Capture, live view and XT Camera setup
XT Lens corrections Automatic lens correction for XT – Rodenstock lenses
Tethered support Yes
Workflow options Sessions and catalogues
Imaging tools 25+
Local adjustments Adjustment & clone layers
Batch output Yes, using recipes and multiple destinations
Output formats 8 & 16 bit TIFF-RGB, TIFF-CMYK, JPEG incl. XR/2000/QuickProof tm, DNG, PNG, PSD



XT with 138HR lens:

Tech Cameras 101 webinar:

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