Capture One Pro 23 for Education


Educational pricing is now only available for Universities 

Capture One’s EDU Program is helping schools best prepare their students with the tools they need to succeed in the job market. As such, our goal is to assist students in using Capture One not only for production (ie. capturing the image) but also for post-production (ie. editing, organizing, etc) and we’re planning to do this by enabling students to stay in Capture One’s ecosystem at all points of their workflow regardless of their location (e.g. on-set shoots, in the studio, at home, etc) or device (e.g. school’s workstation, personal laptop, tablet/iPad, etc).

Accordingly, the EDU program focuses on selling multi-user named licenses to educational institutions so they can give their students individually the opportunity to learn industry-standard workflows as soon as they start their journey in photography.

Capture One for Education’s pricing is tailored to match schools’ different needs and is aimed at schools and educational institutions of all sizes ranging from a single department to the entire faculty and its students​.

Please email Jeff Lin or call him directly at 646-679-5037 for more information

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