IQ3 Digital Backs

Designed in tandem with the new XF Camera System, and compatible with a variety of camera platforms, the IQ3 Digital Backs come in 50MP, 60MP, 80MP & 100MP resolution (click here to learn more about the 100MP system).

With a new and exclusive 100 megapixel imaging sensor, all IQ3 Digital Backs can deliver extreme long exposures of up to 60 minutes across all configurations.

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Full Frame medium format.

The sensors in the IQ3 100MP IQ3 80MP, IQ3 60MP and IQ2 60MP Achromatic are exclusively found in Phase One products. Not only are they exclusive they are more than twice this size of a 35mm DSLR like Canon or Nikon. Their size allows you to realize the full potential of your lenses. Whether it’s a tight interior space or scenic vista, the full frame sensors mean you’ll get more out of every scene.


What’s new on the IQ3?

The Phase One IQ3 series is the latest generation of Digital Medium Format image sensors ranging up to 100 megapixel. The IQ3 was preceded by the IQ2 which introduced WiFi, long exposure and more.

Want to know the differences between the IQ3 and all other Phase One backs? Head down to the technical spec section to see more.

The new features of the IQ3

Fastest Ever

Phase One’s software and hardware teams have worked closer than ever, to optimize both the quality and the speed of data transfer and processing between XF Camera System and Capture One PRO. The result. Up to 30% faster tethered performance.

Histograms Galore

A histogram is a classic and powerful way to quickly inspect the capture across shadows, mid-tones and highlights. On the XF IQ3, the histogram is made available both on the back screen and on the XF Grip screen for easy viewing.

Fast Interface with Powershare

With full system integration, the XF Camera System and IQ3 offers power sharing between each of it’s independently powered components. The ability to provide consistent power for the system, as a whole, allows for maximum usage without the necessity to change batteries. Further, tethered workflow allows the system to charge when not in use. The new power-sharing feature ensures consistent performance across all components.

Focus Mask

You can speed up the focus verification process by using the Focus Mask feature of the IQ3 Digital Back. This feature will display a colored, semi-transparent, mask over-top of the preview image to indicate which parts of the image are in focus. Further, to ensure it’s precision, mask color and behavior can be customized.

What makes a digital back a digital back?

The digital back is, in essence, an imaging sensor enclosed within a detachable magazine that includes all the electronic and processing power needed to capture amazing medium format images.


Medium Format advantage

Dynamic Range

The extreme dynamic range of the IQ3 Digital Back range (up to 14 f-stops in the case of the IQ3 50MP) enables you to capture every scene no matter what the lighting conditions. Bring back virtually every detail, even if you didn’t get the exposure perfect at capture.

Perfect color

The IQ3 Digital Backs are built to ensure you capture images with smooth and subtle transitions, reproducing the scene as perfect as possible. IQ3 Digital Backs make this possible by capturing images with up to 16-bit color depth per channel.

100 Glorious Megapixels

IQ3 resolution of 50MP, 60MP, 80MP or 100MP not only delivers incredible detail, but also provides creative flexibility, accommodating virtually any application requirement, be it print or digital.

Wireless Built-In

Wireless communication is an integrated part of the IQ3 Digital Back range allowing you to connect an iPad or iPhone wirelessly and use Capture Pilot (downloadable in the app store) for Live View, exposure control, shutter release and instantly check focus or compose on a larger screen.

The larger display of an iPad can make it easier to view composition and focus. Use it yourself or simply give it to the client when working on set; they can get involved, check and rate images from afar and you can make sure your clients get what they want and keep coming back.

GPS information is logged through Capture Pilot when your iPhone or iPad is wirelessly connected to an IQ3 Digital Back and automatically embedded into your IQ RAW files. A great feature for reviewing where images were captured which can be useful for location scouting purposes.


IQ2s and IQ1s

Modular design has always been a part of the Phase One philosophy. Whether you are looking for a back with fewer features to match your budget, or adding an extra back to your camera bag for the occasional application, the Phase One IQ1 range of Digital Backs, remains a current and supported member of the Phase One family.

But what if the IQ3 isn't for me?

IQ2 for H/V

Dedicated to the diversity and flexibility of an open-platform philosophy, Phase One is proud to continue to create digital solutions for alternative cameras. Maintaining the highest in build quality and image quality, the range of IQ2 Digital Back is still being produced to provide users with the optional use of Hasselblad H and Hasselblad V camera systems. Though some features are inherent to the integrated XF Camera System, the use of your older Medium Format equipment is always a possibility with Phase One.


Available in 40MP, 50MP, 60MP and 80MP, both new and existing IQ1 Digital Backs are compatible with the XF Camera System.


8k, 10k & 12k Time Lapse Resolution

Time-lapse photographers seeking to produce the highest quality imagery have long sought out Phase One hardware and Capture One software, because of their high quality and reliability. But these tools have lacked several of the specific features the most discerning time lapse photographers required. The DT Time Lapse Suite provides these features, and allow the realization of professional 12k time lapse.

Click here to learn more about our Exclusive Time Lapse Apps for IQ3 digital backs.

Technical Specs


IQ3 100MP

IQ3 100MP

IQ3 100MP Achromatic

IQ3 80MP

IQ3 60MP

IQ3 50MP

Resolution 101 Megapixel 101 Megapixel  101 Megapixel 80 Megapixel 60 Megapixel 50 Megapixel
Sensor Format / Size
IQ3 100mp 100 megapixel sensor size IQ3 100mp 100 megapixel sensor size IQ3 100mp 100 megapixel sensor size IQ3 80mp 80 megapixel sensor size IQ3 60mp 60 megapixel sensor size IQ3 50mp 50 megapixel CMOS sensor size
Long Exposure 60 min. 60 min.  60 min. 60 min. 60 min. 60 min.
16 bit Opticolor+ YES YES  YES YES YES NO
Dynamic Range 15 f-stops 15 f-stops  15 f-stops 13 f-stops 13 f-stops 14 f-stops
Sensitivity (ISO) 35 – 12800 50 – 12800  200 – 51200 50-800 50-800 100-6400
Sensitivity (ISO) – Long Exp. 35 – 12800 50 – 12800   200 – 51200 200-3200 140-3200 100-6400
Sensor+ (ISO) – 1/4 of total res. No Sensor+ No Sensor+  No Sensor+ 200-3200 200-3200 No Sensor+
Lens Factor 1 1  1 1 1 1.3
Active Pixels 11608 x 8708 11608 x 8708  11608 x 8708 10328 x 7760 8984 x 6732 8280 x 6208
Pixel Size (micron) 4.6 x 4.6 4.6 x 4.6  4.6 x 4.6 5.2 x 5.2 6.0 x 6.0 5.3 x 5.3
Output image dim. 300 DPI 98.3 x 73.2 98.3 x 73.2  98.3 x 73.2 87.4 x 65.6 cm 76.1 x 57 cm 70.1 x 52.6 cm
Output image dim. 600 DPI 49.1 x 36.9 49.1 x 36.9  49.1 x 36.9 43.7 x 32.8 cm 38 x 28.5 cm 35.0 x 26.3 cm
Mount Options XF XF/H  XF XF/H/V XF(IQ2 available for H/V) XF(IQ2 available for H/V)
3.2″ Touch Display YES YES  YES YES YES YES
High Bandwidth Ports YES YES YES  YES YES YES

Captures Per Second

Focal Plane (Full res.) 1.4 1.4  1.4 0.8 0.9 1.8
Focal Plane (Sensor+) N/A N/A  N/A 1.1 1.2 N/A
Leaf Shutter (Full res.) 1.2 1.2  1.2 0.7 0.8 1.4
Leaf Shutter (Sensor+) N/A N/A  N/A 1 1.4 N/A

New Features

XF IQ3 Camera System

XF IQ1 Camera System

OneTouch UI including functionality from prev. generation systems Yes w/ High-bandwidth DB integration Yes w/ limited functionality
Screen Layouts Simple/Classic Simple/Classic
Custom Setups 3 configurations with 80+ settings 3 configurations with 80+ settings
Wireless remote control with Capture Pilot YES NO
Exposure Calculator YES NO
Temperature Graph Tool YES NO
Exposure Zone Tool YES NO
Clip Warning YES NO
Auto ISO & ISO Control YES NO
Histogram on XF YES NO
Virtual horizon on XF YES NO
Prepared for future feature upgrades YES NO
Camera Menu YES, advanced YES, basic
Vibration data in image file YES YES
Wake-up XF from Back YES YES
Focus Mask YES YES
Virtual Horizon YES YES
B&W Composition Display YES YES
Live View for instant focus YES YES
Tap, Ban & Browse YES YES
Tethered Capture in Capture One Pro YES YES

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.53.57 PM

IQ3 Spec Sheet .PDF


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.54.12 PM

XF Camera Spec Sheet .PDF

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