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The XF IQ4 150MP Camera System provides unparalleled resolution and detail, allowing you to produce RAW images that are larger than life, for limitless editing possibilities. The XF IQ4 150MP Camera System is much more than the world’s first 151-megapixel camera – it’s a forward-thinking companion for producing the most creative and ambitious photographic visions.


The XF IQ4 150MP Camera System utilizes the highest resolution full frame medium format sensor available, ensuring that each RAW image file contains unprecedented detail. The 151-megapixel sensor provides 50 more megapixels than Phase One’s 101-megapixel sensor, translating to a substantial 22% increase in resolution. The flexibility afforded by such image resolution opens new large-scale printing possibilities, as well as providing the flexibility and convenience to crop and scale images to previously unimaginable levels.

Backside Illuminated (BSI)

The IQ4 150MP Backside Illuminated (BSI) sensors introduces the new standard of digital sensor technology to full frame medium format photography. The IQ4 150MP BSI sensor’s ultra-efficient pixel design results in the uninterrupted capture of light within each pixel, directly translating a more accurate render with improved color, detail and noise handling within the RAW file .

Built on the Infinity Platform

At the core of the IQ4 is the Infinity Platform, which lays a new foundation for image quality advancement, workflow optimization and feature development. The Infinity Platform is built to grow, expand and adapt, allowing Phase One engineers to explore new possibilities in digital imaging and deliver a steady stream of new innovations to ensure you are able to perform at the highest professional level now and well into the future.

Capture One Inside

The cutting-edge RAW editing core of Capture One has been directly integrated in the Infinity Platform, providing advanced control within preview and image settings, and opening the door for future customization of the RAW file at the time of capture. Capture One Inside ensures the most efficient and controlled capture workflow, bringing the capture and post-capture workflows closer together than ever before.

Today, Capture One Inside delivers:

• IIQ RAW file “Style” integration
• JPEG processing in-camera
• Improved image quality and preview performance
• Improved Live View, faster frame rates, new tools

Full Frame Medium Format

The full frame medium format sensors found in XF IQ4 Camera Systems, 1.5x the size of crop sensor mirrorless medium format, allow you to capture more data, providing more detail and impressive results so that you can achieve your creative vision straight out of the camera. With the expanded output flexibility provided by the high resolution and up to 15 stops of dynamic range, your workflow options grow exponentially.

Future-Proof Tethering Options

Attuned to the professional workflow, multiple tethering options capable of handling the high bandwidth are included in the IQ4 – Ethernet, USB-C and Wireless. All tethering and local storage options can be combined and customized to address your specific workflow needs.

Wireless tethering can be used to transfer RAW files to Capture One in addition to storing them in-camera. This solution can be used as a backup or as part of a custom workflow.

Ethernet grants the potential for a fully customized, integrated and dynamic workflow, providing the potential to capture into or through any Ethernet supported device. In addition, the long cable lengths and power provided via Ethernet eliminates workflow concerns surrounding battery power or cable length.

USB-C provides a standard port type for convenient tethering on a wide variety of common devices. USB-C also delivers multiple power integration options.

Ethernet and USB-C allow data transfer and system integration with no additional accessories necessary – transfer from local storage to any host without removing the card. And with a variety of cable lengths available, both Ethernet and USB-C can be exactly configured to suit your workflow needs.

Power Management

XF power share allows you to change the battery in the digital back or XF body individually, with no system downtime or workflow interruption, as long as the remaining battery has a charge.

With IQ4, there is an extra power boost thanks to Power over Ethernet (PoE) and USB-C tethering options which are able to provide power directly to the camera system. Ethernet tethering and PoE provides an uninterrupted workflow when shooting in the studio, while external power banks can be utilized to extend uptime in the field.

Dual Storage

XQD facilitates a faster capture and data transfer rate, ensuring that your workflow remains smooth and efficient, even when shooting 16-bit RAW images. The IQ4 is prepared for CFexpress support.

SD facilitates a more flexible workflow with a widely-used card type. You can use the SD storage as a second card to expand your total storage (Just a bunch of disks – “JBOD”), as a mirrored backup of your primary storage, or as JPEG storage alongside primary RAW capture. SD is a widely-used, and easily found, card type that has become a standard within photography. You can easily transfer images to a supported device in the field without the use of additional accessories or cables, for faster edits, client proofs or backup.


The IQ4 continues the Phase One Open Platform Philosophy, delivering a solution which is both modular and future-proof. The IQ4 gains tremendous functionality and workflow benefits when used as part of an XF Camera System but can also be used with a variety of other cameras for creative flexibility and project-specific need.

The flexible modularity of the XF Camera System, and its seamless, feature-rich, and customizable workflow, helps professionals realize their most demanding creative visions. The XF Camera System allows for a wide selection of high resolution Schneider Kreuznach lenses and purpose-built IQ digital backs to be combined, and capture settings customized, for efficient and high quality RAW output.

Regardless of system choice, the IQ4 Platform is primed for future development in the form of periodic firmware updates aimed at improving experience and functionality. We listen to the needs of our photographers to guide our development in creating workflow innovations that continually provide the highest professional standard.

Compare XF IQ4 Camera Systems


XF IQ4 150MP
Camera System

XF IQ4 100MP Trichromatic
Camera System

XF IQ4 150MP Achromatic
Camera System

151 Megapixel
101 Megapixel
151 Megapixel
Sensitivity (ISO)
50 – 25600 (preliminary).
35 – 12800
200 – 102400 (preliminary)
Long Exposure
60 minutes
60 minutes
60 minutes
Sensor Type
Active pixels
14204 x 10652
11608 x 8708
14204 x 10652
Output image dim. 300 DPI
120.26 x 90.19 cm
98.3 x 73.2 cm
120.26 x 90.19 cm
Ethernet, USB-C, Wireless
Ethernet, USB-C, Wireless
Ethernet, USB-C, Wireless
XF Powershare
3.2″ multi touch display
Prime Lens Choice
5 Year Warranty
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Technical Specs


IQ4 150MP

IQ4 150MP Achromatic

IQ4 100MP Trichromatic

Resolution 151 Megapixel 151 Megapixel 101 Megapixel
Long Exposure 60 min. 60 min. 60 min.
16 bit Opticolor+ Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic range TBA TBA TBA
Sensitivity (ISO) 50 – 25600* 200 – 102400* 35 – 12800
Sensor type CMOS CMOS CMOS
Sensor size
53,4 x 40 53,4 x 40 53,4 x 40
Active pixels 14204 x 10652 14204 x 10652 11608 x 8708
Pixel size (micron) 3.76 x 3.76 3.76 x 3.76 4.6 x 4.6
Output image dim. 300 DPI 120.26 x 90.19 cm 120.26 x 90.19 cm 98.3 x 73.2 cm
Output image dim. 600 DPI 60.13 x 45.09 cm 60.13 x 45.09 cm 49.1 x 36.9 cm
Mount option XF XF XF
3.2″ multi touch display Yes Yes Yes
XF Powershare Yes Yes Yes
Electronic Shutter (ES) Yes Yes Yes
USB-C Yes Yes Yes
Gigabit Ethernet Yes Yes Yes
Wi-Fi 802.11 Yes Yes Yes
HDMI (mini) Yes Yes Yes
File formats IIQ L 16, IIQ L, IIQ S IIQ L 16, IIQ L, IIQ S IIQ L 16, IIQ L, IIQ S